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With the introduction of magnetic ball runs this year, I am constantly being asked about the similarities and differences between our Learn and Grow and Connetix magnetic ball runs.

I thought I would do a little side by side comparison and run down for you to help you decide which one you like the best.

Plus we have a special offer of 10% off your first set of magnetic tiles so you can try for yourself! Keep reading for the code.

Learn and Grow Magnetic Ball Runs

Learn and Grow launched onto the market earlier this year with their magnetic tile packs in 64 and 110 piece sets. They followed up very quickly afterwards with their 84 piece magnetic ball run expansion packs, which took magnetic tiles to the NEXT LEVEL! 

Their magnetic ball runs looked just incredible in all the colours of the rainbow and we quickly rushed to stock them at BabyDonkie as their open-ended play capabilities were amazing to see. We also liked that they are compatible with Connetix tiles.

Learn and Grow Magnetic ball run in kids room
Learn and Grow magnetic ball run
Learn a& Grow Marble run in playroom with colourful pinwheels
Learn and Grow rainbow magnetic marble ball run

Their 84 piece sets includes everything you need to build a complete run or pair them with magnetic tile sets to create massive ball mazes.

Their set includes 10 slides, 2 super bowls, 3 balls, wave pieces, 10 corner pieces and an instruction/ idea booklet.  

Connetix Magnetic Ball Runs

Connetix launched their magnetic marble run sets last month and their point of difference is their marble runs are clear so that you can see the ball running through the tubes.

Their set also comes in a slightly bigger size of 92 pieces and again can be used to make awesome ball runs and mazes.

Their set includes 6 balls, 2 unique stair pieces, 2 unique Y pieces and instruction/ idea booklet. It also comes with a bag to put all the tiles inside which is super handy! 

Connetix marble run outdoors with sun shining and kids playing
Connetix magnetic marble run - stairs
Connetix these_little_darlings marble run

As the 2 sets are so similar we thought we would do a side by side comparison between the 2 brands. 

 Learn & Grow Marble Run pack 

Connetix Marble Run pack

Balls - 3
Balls - 6
Bowls - 2
Bowls - 2
Carry bag - N
Carry bag - Y
Corners - 10
Corners  - 12
Idea booklet - Y
Idea booklet - Y
Slides - 10
Slides - 8
Stairs - 0
Stairs - 2
Straight (Short) - 10
Straight (Short) - 8
Straight (Long) - 6
Straight (Long) - 6
Squares - 32 
Squares  - 36
U shapes - 10
U shapes - 8
Wave - 1
Wave - 2
Y shape - 0
Y shape - 2


Learn and Grow Marble ball run -contents of pack
 Connetix marble ball run inside pack


As you can see the only main difference is that the Learn and Grow marble run has all coloured pieces and Connetix marble run pieces are all clear. There are some other minor differences like the additional 8 pieces including the stair and Y shaped pieces and carry bag in the Connetix pack.

The other difference is the price point with $129 for the Learn and Grow 84 piece set and $139 for the Connetix 92 piece set. 

Both have equally strong magnets and are of superior quality in terms of design and manufacture. 

I absolutely love BOTH magnetic marble run sets by these two amazing Australian brands and I cannot decide which one I love the best as they both have their merits.

These magnetic marble runs really take creative and open ended play to the next level and they will be played and enjoyed for years to come. 

As both brands are compatible with each other, the choice comes down to you! 

So tell me do you prefer the rainbow coloured marble runs or the clear ones?

We are offering a 10% discount on your first order of magnetic tiles so you can try for yourself! Use the code MAGNETIC10.

Let us know in the comments below. 

Dong-Maria xox 

Photo credits:

Learn and Grow Toys by @wondersofplay

Connetix by  @x_macy_and_ollie_x and @these_little_darlings

    6 Responses

    Dong-Maria (BabyDonkie)
    Dong-Maria (BabyDonkie)

    June 04, 2021

    Hi Shenny,

    No you don’t need a base plate to build the ball runs. It helps to build on a flat surface.


    June 04, 2021

    The 92 pics marble run need a base plate to build?


    April 22, 2021

    Can the connetix marble run connect with playmags magnetic tiles? I know the tiles themselves are compatible.

    Dong-Maria (BabyDonkie)
    Dong-Maria (BabyDonkie)

    February 05, 2021

    Hi Karen,

    In answer to your question “Can the Connetix slides click into the Learn & Grow ball run tiles?”. Yes, they certainly can. We have both ball run sets and use them interchangeably.

    Dong-Maria (BabyDonkie)


    February 05, 2021

    We are loving the magnetic tiles and have the Learn & Grow tiles at home. Can the Connetix slides click into the Learn & Grow ball run tiles?


    February 05, 2021

    I definitely prefer the look of the Connetix Tiles clear tubes. It has a much cleaner look about it and I love the idea of being able to see the balls clearly as they run through. I also think the addition of the extra balls and the Y piece for racing is a great concept.

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