Tiny Harlow Magic Peach Jelly Jar and Spoon

Tiny Tummies Peach Jelly is pure magic woven into a jar.

Feed your doll our delicious peach smelling jelly at mealtimes.
Put the magic spoon into the jar and watch as the jelly lands on your spoon. Feed your doll and surprise, the jelly disappears as your doll eats it all up!
Our Tiny Tummies Peach Jelly is the most FUN you can have feeding your dolls since our Magic Milk & Juice bottles arrived.
Contains small parts. Not for children under 3 years.
Made in China to European standards.

Each pack includes 1 Peach Food Jar and 1 Magic Spoon.

Size of jar is 4cm x 4cm

Spoon is 8.5cm x 2.5cm