Mindful & Co Kids Ollie The Weighted Octopus Buddy

Ollie the octopus is a special kind of friend. He loves adventures and using his five senses to keep your mind and heart on the mend.  Ollie brings the gift of touch, his sensory superpower. He’s here for you to cuddle and snuggle, at any time or hour. Take him with you anywhere, at home, daycare, or school. He’s there for you to calm you down, and help you feel secure.  He loves the texture of smooth and soft shells, and also loves rough coral. His soothing cuddles will calm you down with his lavender-scented florals. His padding is perfect for relaxation, and calming all your fears, improving sleep quality, enhancing focus, and reducing any tears. Heat him up, cool him down, and give his weighted body a squeeze.
  • promotes calmness
  • encourages focus
  • boosts mood
  • fights back against stress
  • supports autism symptoms
  • soothes feelings of panic and improves sleep
  • supports mental clarity and reduces inflammation using cold therapy 
  • encourages healing and calms painful muscles
  • increases blood flow using heat therapy 
  • sustainable packaging and materials 
  • each weighted puppy dog is designed with quality in mind and made with the softest materials to support our sensory friends