G.Nancy is an exclusive kid’s organic cotton fashion label created by Sydney-based, New Zealand native Georgia Nancy Holmes. All of G.Nancy’s pieces are ethically made using organic cotton, printed with the softest water-based inks, and coloured with top quality dye. Our sleepwear is designed to be cosy and snug and allow kids to lounge around comfortably.

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  • GNancy Ochre Star Long PJ

    G.Nancy Ochre Star Long PJ Set

  • G.Nancy Ochre Star Short PJ Set

    G.Nancy Ochre Star Short PJ Set

  • Nancy Ochre Sunflower Long PJ

    G.Nancy Ochre Sunflower Long PJ Set

  • Papaya Sunflowers Long PJ

    G.Nancy Papaya Star Long PJ Set

  • gNancy papaya short pjs

    G.Nancy Papaya Star Short PJ Set

  • G.Nancy Papaya Sunshine Long PJ Set

    G.Nancy Papaya Sunflower Long PJ Set

  • Ochre Sunflower short PJ

    G.Nancy Papaya Sunflower Short PJ Set

  • gnancy Rose Sunflower Long PJ

    G.Nancy Rose Sunflower Long PJ Set

  • G.Nancy Rose Sunflower Short PJ Set


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