Mindful & Co Kids Francesca The Weighted Flamingo Buddy

Francesa flamingo has been waiting here for you. Francesca loves adventures and using her five senses, too. Her superpower is the sense of taste, her ultimate mindful tool, she loves to be in the moment, enjoying delicious and nourishing foods. Francesca is here to show you how to use taste to enjoy life’s surprises. Take her with you everywhere, in good times and even in crisis. She’s there for you to hold you, calm you, heal you with soft snuggles. Heat her up, cool her down, give her lavender body a cuddle.
  • promotes calmness
  • encourages focus
  • boosts mood
  • fights back against stress
  • supports autism symptoms
  • soothes feelings of panic and improves sleep
  • supports mental clarity and reduces inflammation using cold therapy 
  • encourages healing and calms painful muscles
  • increases blood flow using heat therapy 
  • sustainable packaging and materials 
  • each weighted puppy dog is designed with quality in mind and made with the softest materials to support our sensory friends