Why your biz needs you to start backing yourself

April 06, 2019 4 min read

I want to start by asking you this question. How do you really feel about your business?

Because I’m pretty certain that your business means the world to you. I bet that it fills you with significance and purpose and possibility; and don’t get me started on all the relationships and connections you now have as a result of it. So, it’s pretty dam special, right?

Ok so here’s another one for you - what would it mean to you if your biz was delivering you real results and you could contribute to the family income, all whilst staying at home with the kids? It would be AMAZING, wouldn’t it? I imagine that it would be like a dream come true…

So, now let me ask you this, how much recognition, time and appreciation does your business get from those around you? How much support are you offered? What sort of investment are you putting behind making this happen for you and your family?

Because if you are so emotionally invested, and have such an awesome vision for your family, naturally one would imagine you’re going ALL IN to make this happen… right?


It pains me to say this but for many of you - the answers here tend to be that your business doesn’t get the recognition it deserves, nor the support, time or investment it needs to really flourish.

But most importantly it begs the question why?

Because if this biz is truly something that you want for yourself and means so much to you - then why is it that it’s not being taken seriously by those around you?

And this is where I want to deliver you a real wake-up call Mama. Because the onus is actually on you here.


Yep I have an important lesson for you today and I want you to really wear it.

The response you’re currently getting from those around you is a likely a result of your current communication to them – and what you’re putting out there.

Plain and simple - you get what you project.

What do I really mean by this?

  • If you project doubt - you will see doubt from others.
  • If you promote your biz as a side hustle – that’s how others will think of it.
  • If you show uncertainty in investing in your business – you will see uncertainty in supporting it.
  • If you judge yourself for spending time on your business – others will judge you for it.
  • If you try and DIY everything, you’ll get DIY results.
  • If you don’t think you can – that’s what others will believe too.

And lastly if you don’t believe your dreams are worth pursuing – how can someone else?

Yep, that last one is a big one.

Ultimately ladies, if you want people to take your biz seriously then it absolutely needs to come from you first.

So right now, I want you stand up and take responsibility for where you’re at currently – and where you really want to be.

Next I want you to go on an uncovery mission and work out exactly what you’ve been consciously or unconsciously putting out there about yourself and your biz and what needs to change.

To help make this easier for you I’ve created a couple of exercises for you to follow below:


Exercise Number 1

Grab a piece of paper and write out the following when it comes to how you’ve been feeling about…

  • Yourself
  • Your abilities
  • Your biz knowledge
  • Your biz itself and how you treat it
  • How far or little you’ve travelled on your biz journey to date
  • Where you want to get to
  • Your confidence


Exercise Number 2

Now, I want you to work on every single negative belief or doubt that you’ve identified as part of Exercise Number 1 and reframe it with something positive… with something that will be far more empowering in delivering you the results that you want for yourself in your biz.

  • Example:

I feel bad about following my dreams because of the impact it has on my family (i.e. time, money).


The short-term impact of following my dreams will lead to a second income and a truly nurturing lifestyle for the good of my family. Furthermore, I’ll be more full as a person and a better wife, mother and human by filling my cup too.

I deserve this. My family deserves this.

  • Example

My competitors are amazing. How can I ever compare? Who do I think I am?


If they can do it, I can do it.

Ladies there will always be fear and doubt but we get to choose if we buy into it and give it weight. And we get to decide whether we let others believe the same of us.

Lead by example. Take yourself seriously. Back yourself.

Imagine what life would be like if you dared to dream, dared to believe and acted as if. If you told the world you could, you would, and you will. What response do you think you’d get then?


About the Author

Anna is a Life & Business Coach. And Owner and Co-founder of Business School for Mums. Business School for Mums is an online business school designed exclusively for Mums in Business and the unique entrepreneurial journey Mums go on as they juggle life and biz.

Their business model is unique in that their core business programs – deliver Business and Marketing training which is all underpinned by key Life Coaching skills – so you can approach everything from the best mindset possible.

Over the last 23 months they’ve coached 1000’s of #WAHMs all over the globe with their workshops and challenges. And they’ve personally schooled hundreds of biz mums through their programs to deliver astounding results. They have also most recently been featured on the Huffington Post and BEEN nominated for the Telstra Small Business Awards.





If any of this resonates with you - then I am pumped to share that Business School for Mums are running a FREE 4-Day Mindset Challenge. Their mindset work has certainly had an impact on me – so I want to invite you to come and join me.


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