April 06, 2019 2 min read

Why Exactly Do Australian Mums Opt For Organic Baby Clothes?

Why choose higher priced organic baby clothes in Australia when you can buy cheap and funky fashion for your kids from the high street? There are many reasons why fast fashion is far from ideal for babies and children. Australian Mums choose organic baby clothes in Australia over cheap fashion because organic clothing is, by far, the healthier alternative.

What is fast fashion?

Unlike organic baby clothes in Australia, fast fashion for kids and adults is a term used to describe cheap and quickly made clothing. Such fashion replicates expensive designs, often copied straight from the catwalk. Fast fashion clothing is poorly made and produced in questionable conditions, just to get into the stores as quickly as possible to sell.

Why is fast fashion bad for babies and children?

Most parents know that disposable fashion is not great for the environment. Fast fashion is badly made and therefore rips, tears and breaks after a very short lifespan. This means more textiles end up in landfill at an alarmingly quick rate.
However, what is perhaps more concerning as a parent is knowing the dyes and prints used to produce kids fast fashion is highly toxic. Equally, fashion made with synthetic fibres such as polyester, nylon and spandex are cheaper to produce but are essentially plastics. Because synthetic textiles are made from highly flammable petroleum based products, it is treated with highly toxic formaldehyde and flame retardants.
Studies have shown there is evidence of hazardous chemicals present in cheap fashion when it hits the high street due to the quantities of toxins used to produce the goods.
The skin is the latest organ of the body and since it is porous, absorbs whatever is put onto it. Is it any wonder why parents opt for organic baby clothes in Australia?

Why choose organic baby & kids clothes in Australia?

Dressing babies and kids in cute clothes is fun but no one wants to expose their children to hazardous toxins for the sake of fashion.
Babies and toddlers are extremely vulnerable. The last thing you want to do is expose your child’s delicate skin to harmful chemicals and that’s why choosing organic baby clothes is the better alternative.
Aim to buy clothing made with sustainable fibres over synthetics. Look out for organic cottons, hemp, bamboo, wool and cashmere. For a full range of organic baby clothes in Australia browse through Baby Donkie’s collection here.

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