Top 5 Tips from a Market Stall Newbie

April 06, 2019 3 min read


I'm really a newbie to the market scene, having only been to a handful. But each time I've gone I've learnt a few bits and pieces. I thought I would compile together a few tips from a newbie and show you some pictures of my recent market set ups.

Here are my top 5 tips:

1. Is this the right market?

If you can, it is helpful to research or visit the market you are considering selling at first. My first market was a local one, which while great catered more for bric a brac. My second foray was at Glebe Markets, again this is a fantastic market but most of the interested customers kept telling me they had no kids to buy for! We checked out Kirribili Markets and found it had a great family vibe as well as a few stores selling children's wear.

There are also online websites that list markets around the country with plenty of information. Here are a few I found:


2. Get your name out there

Kirribilli Markets was the first time I had proper branding on display. This is one of the best ways to get branding recognition and to get known (and hopefully remembered!). I found a fantastic graphic designer and printer and had prepared a market banner, flyers and business cards. I also did up a quick email sign up sheet so customers could add their details which I then added to a mailing list.

3. Show off your products

There's so much activity at a market that sometimes your stall might get lost all amongst it. It is important that your stall is appealing and inviting to attract your lovely customers. Try balancing your display so there are different heights, one at eye level then below and above. Also if you have a table display or clothing rack, try to keep it uncluttered so that customers aren't rummaging around the products to find things.

4. Pack well and pack lightly

Everything needs to go into boxes! That is a tip straight from hubby who helps me pack, load, unload and set up at every market. I think the key here is to pack what supplies you need and enough stock so that your stall doesn't look totally empty by the end of the day. A few of my essential supplies include a table, clothing racks, 3m x 3m gazebo, clothes hangers, paper carry bags, chair, scissors, tape and the list goes on. A good tip is to try and hire or borrow a trolley to cart your stock and supplies.

5. Have fun and smile!

I think this tip is the most important. As an online store, the markets are a great opportunity to meet my customers face to face. It is a great chance for me to talk about the gorgeous products and designers at BabyDonkie, hopefully spreading a bit of love along the way. Even if you are not the best sales person (like me!), be approachable, smile, keep a positive attitude and always be respectful.

I hope you found my tips helpful, if you have any other great tips or as a customer have seen something at a market stall you like, please feel free to comment below.

Here are a few pictures taken from our first few market days at Kirribilli. Photos taken by Le Photographer. I've added a link to a few of my market specific suppliers after the photos.

Dong-Maria xoxo

My suppliers:

  1. Graphic design - Inkee Press
  2. Printing - Purplex Design & Print
  3. Paper bags - Big Red Packaging
  4. Coat Hangers - My Coat Hangers
  5. Gazebo - Kelly's Camping and Outdoors
  6. Table, trolley, rope - Bunnings Warehouse
  7. Clothes rack, table cloths, stationery, plastic storage boxes  - Big W
  8. Blackboards - Typo


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