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With only three months left of this year, I wanted to share with you some of the very best in dolls accessories for 2019.

There are so many beautiful brands now that are designing tiny pieces for dolls, that it would be remiss of me not to showcase my top 10 best dolls accessories.  

To start with I wanted to share my favourite dolls for little ones and these are Miniland and Nana Huchy.


Miniland Dolls

Miniland dolls are not only the sweetest looking dolls which are soft to touch and smell like a newborn baby, but they are also educational as they are anatomically correct. They act as an important resource for your child with each one having well-defined ethnic features to help a child to identify the most representative races like Asian, Latin American, African American and Caucasian. They help an adult or carer to explain important concepts to the child through pretend play like family, culture and relationships. 

Nana Huchy Isabella

I also adore the Nana Huchy dolls as these soft toys each come with their own name and unique story and make the perfect everyday companions for your little ones.

Olli Ella Dinkum Doll

The newest doll in town has just arrived in-store and the Olli Ella Dinkum dolls are a modern version of the 80's phenomenon, the Cabbage Patch doll. Each dinkum doll is different, looking for a treasured human friend and can be cuddled, dressed, loved and played with by your little one. 

BabyDonkie's Top 10 Best Dolls Accessories of 2019

From clothing to wardrobes, to dolls prams and dolls accessories, all pint-sized and perfect for your little one's most treasured friend, their dolly.  I hope you enjoy my ultimate round-up of dolls accessories.

1. Dolls Clothing - Etty and Boo 

Etty and Boo Dolls Clothing

We love Etty and Boo for their incredible selection of stunning dolls clothing. It is hard to pick a favourite but we adore this sweet floral romper set! 

To see more of their gorgeous clothing go to Etty and Boo.

Olli Ella has also just released dolls clothing and travel accessories for the Dinkum Dolls which are beyond gorgeous! 

2. Dolls Bassinet - Tiny Harlow 

Tiny Harlow Dolls Bassinet

I have been crushing on Tiny Harlow's dolls bassinets since they launched last year. Modelled from the life-size Sacred Bundle baby's bassinet, they are even more stunning in real life!  

I am so excited that our first shipment has just arrived in the store, so that you too can now enjoy this gorgeous rattan dolls furniture.

3. Dolls Pram - Olli Ella Strolley

Dolls Pram - Strolley

For the ultimate dolls pram, you can't go past Olli Ella's Strolley. This hand-woven rattan basket on wheels switches from a pram to a shopping trolley, by just lowering the hood of the pram. They are the perfect way to transport your child's dolls, toys and accessories around the home, or to the shops! 

4. Dolls Highchair - Tiny Harlow

Tiny Harlow Dolls Highchair

This stunning dolls highchair from Tiny Harlow will keep your child busy when they are wanting to play grown-ups.  They can feed their doll or favourite toy in this high chair just like Mummy and Daddy. 

5. Dolls Accessories Kit - Make Me Iconic

Dolls Accessories Set

In order to help your little ones feed their doll in their dolls highchair or attend to their dolls when they are crying, you can't go past the perfect wooden doll accessories kit by Make Me Iconic. 

It has everything a doll could need as your little one immerses themselves in pretend play fun! They can brush their hair, feed them, play and soothe their doll and get them ready for their next adventures together. 

6. Dolls Beauty Kit - Make Me Iconic

Dolls Beauty Kit

How adorable is this dolls beauty kit?

This wooden toy set has all the accessories your little one needs to replicate their Mummy's beauty routine. Ok, let's be fair, it may just be a quick brush or comb and a spritz of perfume most days! However, this gorgeous wooden toy set with nail polish, hairdryer and makeup will help your little one tszuj up her doll tszuj in their pretend beauty salon! 

7. Dolls Basket - Luggy from Olli Ella

Dolls Basket - Luggy

Does your little one love to go shopping with you or go to the park?

I adore the Luggy wheeled basket as it can carry your child's dolls and their accessories.  Your child will want to take it with them everywhere and with wheels and the perfect sized storage basket, it makes the sweetest basket on wheels. 

8. Dolls Bedding - Strolley Mattress

Dolls Bedding

Of course, your little one will want to ensure his or her treasured friend has a place to sleep and how divine is the new Olli Ella strolley mattress!

Made from oh-so-soft cotton muslin, in three timeless shades, there is no better place for your little one's doll to rest their head after a day of adventures. 

9. Dolls Wagon - Tiny Harlow

All dolls need a place to store their toys and what better way than the Tiny Harlow Toy Wagon! 

This adorable wagon can be wheeled around the house or garden and your little one can pop all the things they need in it for the day's adventures ahead. 

Tiny Harlow Toy Wagon

10. Dolls Wardrobe - Tiny Harlow

All dolls need a wardrobe for their clothes and this pint-sized wardrobe from Tiny Harlow is the most exquisite place to hang their precious dolls clothing. 

I am just hoping Tiny Harlow start making them in adult size, as these dolls wardrobes are seriously divine! 

Tiny Harlow Dolls Wardrobe

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