May 06, 2019 2 min read

On the lookout for an easy yet stylish way to store your kid's toys?

I have searched high and low for many years for a fun, flexible and stylish way to store toys and finally, I have found it!

The AY-KASA folding crates from Lillemor Lifestyle are the best way to store kid's clutter and toys. 


Earlier in the year on the blog I wrote about How to Konmari your kids room.  You guys absolutely loved the post and all the different ideas on how to de-clutter your kid's rooms. 

As a mum of 4 kids, it can be a hard task trying to keep clutter and toys at bay and not let them overtake your house. I hope it isn’t just me, but don’t you find as soon as you clean and make the house tidy, within 5 minutes a mini tornado has occurred, and you are back to a messy house again! Arrghh! 

We recently added the AY-KASA folding crate from Lillemor Lifestyle to our product range and it has been an absolute sell out with multiple restocks! You guys are loving these storage crates and it isn't hard to see why.



These crates are a great way to keep your kid's rooms relatively neat! And they super adaptable and can be used in so many ways. Look at the way The French Folk have stylishly added the crates to their toy storage shelf.

In looking at the images, do you wonder why you have seen them before? Inspired by the super functional crates commonly used in supermarkets, Lillemore Lifestyle has refashioned the crates into smaller sizes and stylish colours, that fit right in wherever you use them at home.

Made from 100% recyclable food-safe plastic and designed to fold completely flat, saving 75% of space when not in use.

You can even use them to create dolls houses, dolls beds and more. How cool is this image from Jo Kim Photography! I loved it so much I made it my home page on my new website. Thank you Jo Kim! 


I love that they can stack on each other but also fold down for storage if you don’t want to use them. They are seriously one of the best ways to store your toys.



How fantastic do they look in one of our customer's daughter's room...image via Instagram account, Clostone.


And they can even be used for gift boxes for loved ones or for storage crates for parties and life celebrations! I love this image from Jo Kim Photography, styled by You Give Me Grace of their recent baby's baptism. 


I may also be secretly using the storage crates in my office to store paper, invoices and receipts but shhh don't tell the kids or they may want their crates back! 

How do you use your Lillemor Lifestyle Ay- Kasa folding crates in your home?

Comment below, I would love to hear from you.

Dong- Maria xox


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