June 12, 2020 2 min read

With the devastating tragedy of George Floyd's death last month and the global protests (and riots) that followed, as a result, it has brought racism and diversity to the forefront.

In doing so, it has opened up honest discussions on social media and in our communities in the hope that this tragedy isn't repeated and that authorities and enshrined institutions reflect and make necessary changes for a better future. 

In light of these recent events, I have been having discussions with my children about diversity, racism and the acceptance of ALL people regardless of their gender, colour, race or religion.

We have been talking about how people feel when they are treated with hateful words and that kindness first, is our family motto. 

I find that using books and toys helps with having these frank life discussions with my kids. And my daughter has a number of Miniland Dolls which are a great educational toy and resource to help children understand the importance of racial and sexual diversity as well as concepts of family and relationships.

Doll Diversity

Miniland Dolls are made in Spain and are anatomically correct dolls that are vanilla scented to smell like a newborn baby. They are gorgeous dolls that have well-defined ethnic features to aid the identification of the most representative races from Latin American, African American, Asian and Caucasian.

This month, Miniland Doll launches their redhead, brunette and down syndrome dolls which I am excited to be stocking at BabyDonkie. It is fantastic news that they added to their current collection of dolls and are embracing the diversity that exists across our cultures. 


Another doll brand that embraces diversity and inclusion is from Australian brand Olli Ella. Dinkum Dolls were released in 2018 and are soft, cloth dolls, not dissimilar from the Cabbage Patch Dolls from the '80s. They too come in different ethnicities representing a broad spectrum of society. I love that each one wears a rainbow right over their heart.


Olli Ella Dinkum Doll Diversity and Inclusion

As parents, I feel that our children should be growing up in a world where people are loved and embraced regardless of race, colour or religion. A world where kindness is first always and a place where we treat each other with respect, dignity and love. 

I hope that our world will change to be a better place and that George Floyd's death won't be in vain but will instead be used as a driver for change and acceptance in our society. 

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