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It is that exciting time of year where the newest collections from Australian children’s clothing labels launch their Spring/Summer ranges and we finally get our hands on them. Yippee!!

One of Baby Donkie’s favourite Australian’s kids’ fashion and accessories brand is KaPow Kids. Designed in Melbourne by Andrea Goulding, mum of 2 girls, KaPow Kids has been at the forefront of baby and kids clothing since it first launched five years ago. 

Going from strength to strength but also remaining true to the brand, KaPow Kids is an Australian brand I love for their bright, quirky and colourful baby and kids clothes in soft cotton fabric, available for ages 0-6 years.

For their newest collection, I had the chance to speak with Andrea about the key influences for this season’s collection as well as the challenges faced running a successful kids fashion label.  Shhhh, Andrea also let’s us in on an exciting new development at KaPow Kids for 2019

Super Friends - KaPow Kids SS18 


SS18 is all about 'Super Friends' and beautifully you have featured children that are friends in real life. Did the designs and ideas for the new collection start with seeing their friendships and the way they have bonded since being born?

Yes, friendship is so beautiful, and important and especially so cute in little children. A lot of the models featured in our collections are friends now after modelling together for a few seasons. Its also so nice to be friends with the mums of the children who connect with KaPow. I appreciate every customer and stockist and love the notion that we are all friends. Also the notion that not just boys can be superheroes, girls too hence the supergirl print.

I know how much you love your leopard print and it is so wonderful to see it featured in your SS18 collection again. What are some elements/designs that you feature in each collection to give it that KaPow Kids touch?

Yes more leopard print, for girls and for boys – but that’s actually in Drop 2. We do feature lightning bolts a lot too, and cute animals every season as well.

There are some seriously CUTE pieces in the collection, any favourites for SS18?

I’m really loving the frilly bathers, I can't wait to dress my daughter in those. Our first time doing denim chambray so I’m pretty excited about the Rainbow Chambray print too

I know the last month has been nerve-wracking with the boat containing your new collection needing to stop in Papua New Guinea for repairs, what did you do to keep calm? Chocolate, meditation, exercise, wine? Or all 4?

Yes lots of sweets, exercise and wine! And lots of complaining to my husband lol. It has been so stressful, I have never heard of anything like this happening before. The stock was due to land end of July but due to the engine breaking down it won’t get here until September. It's devastating. But there is nothing I can do and I just can’t wait for it to get here.


It has been five years since you started KaPow Kids, and you continue to consistently producefun, bold and brilliantly designed pieces for children, what’s your secret? What has been your biggest challenge to date?

Oh thank you that’s such a nice compliment. My secret is that I just love fashion and always have and I just design pieces that I love myself and that I would dress my own kids in. I’m a very creative person, and I love to dress quirky myself, I never dress boring so that comes out in my KaPow designs.

The biggest challenge now is that I’ve been doing this for five years I feel like I might need to evolve slightly. You can’t stay the same forever you need to constantly reassess your style or business model. As a start, Jacinta from Two Little Ducklings has redesigned my logo which I will introduce in SS19.

Thanks so much Andrea for such wonderful insight into your gorgeous brand and newest Spring/Summer collection.

KaPow Kids ‘Super Friends’ which will be available in store mid-September.

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