December 05, 2019 3 min read

Connetix tiles have been a HUGE at BabyDonkie since they arrived in-store in October.

I wanted to do a blog post on Connetix as I get a lot of questions asking about how these tiles compare to Magna tiles, Playmags and Magformers. 

Firstly, just to give an overview, magnetic tiles are great for kids 3+ (even younger ages like 1+ years depending on their fine motor skills) as they allow kids to construct 2D and 3D shapes like triangles, squares, prisms, rectangles and more. These tiles are all about getting as creative as your child's imagination will allow.

They are one of THE best STEAM toys on the market today and yes, not just STEM but STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math). The tiles allow for design, visual arts and creativity to be incorporated in your child's learning whilst they play.

Magnetic tiles are certainly not new and have been around for a number of years. I first discovered magnetic tiles on a trip to the USA, a number of years ago. I was blown away by the ease and fun of these tiles. My kids loved them so much I bought a set back to Australia.

Enter Connetix tiles which are the NEW kid on the block, launched this year by two Perth friends, who saw a gap in the market for super-strong tiles that also didn't show the bracing of the magnet. 

I have been wanting to add some to the shop for a while but it wasn't until I saw Connetix earlier this year, that I decided this was the brand of magnetic tiles for BabyDonkie. 


But how do they compare to the others on the market? And are they compatible with other magnetic tiles?


Connetix is compatible with Playmags and Magna-Tiles. Unfortunately, they are not compatible with Magformers.

They have a strong magnet which is the same size and width as the Playmags magnetic tiles.

Unlike Playmags and Magna Tiles, they have a bevilled design on their tiles and their tiles are clearer in appearance. They do not show the full bracing like the other magnetic tiles.

However, that is not to say they aren't as strong.  In our comparison, Connetix and Playmags have the same strength magnets. They also have rivets on each tile.

Connetix currently offers 62 piece and 100 piece sets. But they are creating new accessories so stay tuned...


I love Connetix for their magnet strength, their bevilled design and clear tiles as they show off the light reflections so well! I have built sky-high towers my kids and they just adore playing with them.

They help your child to problem solve, to understand the basics of geometry and shapes as well as colours and design. They are a great STEAM product that will be used time and time again. 

I love that they are Australian owned and we can't wait for them to bring out more new designs to add to our current collection. 

I would love to hear more about your favourite magnetic tiles and why? 

Leave your comments below.

Dong- Maria xox 

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