Olivia's 1st Birthday - Pink and Gold

April 06, 2019 2 min read

Christmas is always a wonderful time for us but now with our baby girl's birthday 5 days before it is made even more special. Olivia surprised us by coming into the world 2 weeks early. The day of her arrival, we had actually planned a baby shower. I guess she didn't want to miss out on the fun!

For her 1st birthday, we gathered family and close friends on a hot Sunday afternoon for a buffet lunch and yummy desserts. The theme of the party was pink and gold but with lots of colour added in. The decorations were from Lark Store and Kmart. Olivia wore a Hubble & Duke tee and Rock Your Baby tutu skirt. The cute gold ballet moccs were from Hubble & Duke too.

I made a mud cake for the birthday cake, iced with raspberry butter icing and topped with macarons and fresh flowers. Being summertime, I couldn't resist making my pavlovas. Donuts from Woah Nelly Bakes completed the dessert table.

 Getting a little help from her big brothers to blow the candle!

It is a Vietnamese tradition on a child's first birthday to play a game which predicts the child's future occupation. Objects representating occupations (eg. a book for a writer) are placed in a platter for the child to pick out 3 items. Little Miss was not too keen on the attention but after a little delay she picked a baseball, shoes and a necklace. Hmm, a sportswomen, shoe designer or fashion designer perhaps?

It was such a special day, I think Olivia knew it too!

All gorgeous photography by Le Photographer. Styling be me.

Dong-Maria xoxo


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