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At Babydonkie we get asked lots of questions about our gorgeous Ocamora wooden toy range and how our stackers compare to Grimm's, so we thought we would share some side by side comparisons and observations about our Ocamora 9 stacker vs Grimm's 12 stacker also known as Grimm's Large Rainbow stacker. 

Firstly, we must caveat that our Grimms 12 piece stacker is about 5 years old in comparison to our brand new Ocamora 9 piece stacker. As such our Grimms stacker has over the time, faded a little in colour and has some wear and tear from hours of play over that time period.

Ocamora is a Spanish wooden toy brand that offers 7 different colour options for their 9 piece stacker. Grimm's is a German wooden toy brand that currently offers 4 different colour options for their Large wooden rainbow stacker. 

The main differences of the 2 stackers we are reviewing on this blog are certainly the amount of wooden pieces you receive 12 vs 9 pieces and the price, with an Ocamora 9 piece wooden rainbow - pink retailing at $169.95 and Grimms large wooden rainbow - pastel retailing at $158.50. However, more on that later, as we offer our readers a 15% discount on all of our Ocamora range, which would bring our 9 piece stackers to $144.45! 

Comparison blog of Grimm's vs Ocamora

Small rainbow comparison

Ocamora 9 stacker vs Grimms large 12 rainbow stacker

As you can see by the photos, the colour is also a big difference. Despite our pastel Grimm's rainbow stacker being 5 years old and a little faded, the colours on the Ocamora are definitely more vibrant than the Grimms despite their age. The Grimms pastel stacker has a more subtle, calming pastel colourway and to be honest, we love both them! 

We think it really comes down to what your personal preference is in regards to bright colours vs pastel colours and what suits your playroom or children as to which one you would choose. Grimm's also offers a standard rainbow colour for their large rainbows, which have more reds in them. 

Ocamora vs Grimms stacker comparison

Both stacking rainbows are soft to touch and show the gorgeous grain and knots of the wood throughout each wooden piece. The below photo shows the yellow Grimm's on the left and the pink Ocamora rainbow on the right. 

Side by side wood comparison of Grimms stacker vs Ocamora stacker

The Ocamora rainbow does not have any branded sticker unlike the Grimm's which has a sticker on the small solid rainbow piece as shown below. Grimms branded stacker

Another variance, which we really only noticed in a side by side comparison of the two rainbows and up close, is that the Ocamorarainbow has more of smooth design finish on one side and slightly beveled finish on the other side. Unlike Grimm's which has a beveled design on both sides of their wooden stackers. In the below photo, the green and yellow pieces are Ocamora and the blue pieces are Grimm's.

The Ocamora stackers also seems to be slightly thicker and the same thickness for each piece, whereas the Grimm's seems thinner. We like the consistent thickness of the Ocamora for purely aesthetic reasons. 

Beveled grimms vs flat ocamora stacker review

Ocamora 9 stacker vs Grimms large 12 rainbow stacker


Ocamora 9 stacker vs Grimms large 12 rainbow stacker

Another point of difference, is that the Ocamora rainbow has 9 different colour pieces with only the green and blue having a light and dark option. The rest are single colours, much like the colours of the rainbow.

The Grimm's stacker on the other hand, with it's additional 3 pieces, has a more graduated colour scheme. This allows you to separate the pieces say in 4 blue pieces or 3 purple pieces which your child could play with separately, as say the ocean or as a purple house. 

Side by Side rainbow stacker tunnel comparison for Grimm's vs Ocamora

Grimms stacker houses

Both wooden rainbows are great at stacking and making tunnels. In playing with them side by side, both work wonderfully when played with together. You can stack, build, create and play endlessly with both of the stackers.   Graduated colourways of rainbow wooden stackers review

Rainbow stackers stacked

As you can see there are a fair few differences between the 2 rainbow stackers from Ocamora and Grimm's. However, we can't decide on which one we like the most, some days we prefer the Ocamora as we just love their bright, vibrant colours. And on other days, we love the Grimm's for their graduated colour stacker that gives you different play options as shown above. 

We have a special offer for our readers who would like to purchase one of our Ocamora rainbow 9 piece stackers, use code OCAMORA15 to grab 15% off your next purchase of Ocamora at BabyDonkie. 

And as always, we would love to hear your thoughts on the two stackers, do you like Ocamora or Grimm's or both? 
Dong-Maria xox

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