Lincoln's 4th Birthday - Superheroes Only!

April 06, 2019 2 min read

The Super Secret Superhero Super Party to end all Super Parties. The Avengers and the Justice League put aside their rivalry to attend the 4th birthday of one of their youngest members. Lincoln had an awesome day with all his mates and cousins (and uncles and aunts) running riot around the house, fueled by high energy softdrinks and heaps of lollies. With Superheroes like these, who needs Supervillians?!

Scroll down for photos of the party taken by Lincoln's awesome Uncle and Aunt (aka Captain America and Batgirl) from Le Photographer.

This is my favourite picture of the day. I love this picture of Lincoln, his brother Archer and their Dad.

Lincoln with his best friend and baby brother.

Archer was so funny with the mask. Although he looks grumpy, he actually woudn't take it off. The kids chose their own mask to take home as a party favor.

The candy bar was filled with lollies, chocolate, kryptonite green jelly, popcorn, homemade lemon cupcakes and a butter cake as the birthday cake. Lincoln really enjoyed making the jelly, cupcakes and decorating his birthday cake with me the day before. 

The party printables were custom designed by Nicole from One Magic Day. We wanted to recreate the comic book feel and incorporate Lincoln's favourite colour red.

I loved how everyone really got into dressing up. Especially the big kids!

The background city mural and telephone booth were made by Lincoln's dad. I had suggested the idea to him 4 weeks before the party but he only decided to do it the day before. There was a 3 hour trip to Bunnings involved and a late night sawing and painting. The end result was amazing and was really a highlight to the party. Well done Dad!

Party Tips:

  1. Pick a theme - once we had decided on Superheroes and had the party printables designed it was easy to style the party with finds from the local party shop, eBay and items from around the house.
  2. Plan ahead - prepare the printables and buy the party supplies in the weeks leading up to the party, bake and decorate the cake a day or two ahead, set up the decorations and party table the night before.
  3. Use Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and blogs as an inspiration tool.
  4. Have fun and remember to take pictures!

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