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Kids’ rooms can be a lot of fun to style in your home. While you are governed to a certain degree to what your child wants in their room, in the early years, you can get away with styling their room with current trends. One of the easiest ways to do this is through the use of art and wall banners. You can certainly create a stylish space with some kids’ room wall décor. Here are some ideas that will be pleasing to your eye, and your kids will love.


Stylish Framed Prints

If your child is obsessed with a particular character, why not opt for a stylish print in a frame? For Batman fans, ‘The Bat’ print by Little Pop Studio is a fun take on a popular superhero. For Disney fans, the ‘Messy Mouse’ print can be placed into a white frame and mounted on the wall.


Quotes on Banners

Handmade felt banners can add colour and texture to a wall, as well as remind your child (if they can read) how much they are loved. The “To The Moon and Back” banner is a contemporary banner to include in a room where the décor is neutral or has a monochrome colour setting. A white banner can stand out against a navy or dark coloured wall. Best of all, the banner can be hung above the bed or off centre on a wall to fill a void.


Felt Bunting

Bunting has a retro vibe that can add fun and style to your child’s bedroom. Bunting can be hung a number of different ways in a child’s room. It can be fastened high against a wall or it can be draped to cross a corner of the room, attached to two adjacent walls. Bunting can come in a range of different shapes and colours. If you want to add a black accent to your child’s room, the Homely Creatures Black Felt Petal Bunting is a great choice. This particular bunting has been hand felted by women in Nepal using 100% New Zealand wool. This kind of wall bunting can grow with your child as the décor changes to suit their tastes.



Posters attached to walls with washi tape or double sided wall tape can add style and character to a narrow wall or even the back of a door. For a retro inspired room, the OMM Design A-Z Wall Poster is the perfect wall accompaniment – and it helps your little ones remember the alphabet.

Wall décor is only one aspect to styling your child’s room. It is usually the cherry on top to bring a whole room together. Neutral colour schemes are the way to go as you can add colour accents as your child grows and develops their own opinions on what they do and don’t like.



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