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One of our favourite wooden toy companies at BabyDonkie has just released their newest toys for 2021, aptly titled 'Simple Little Things'. Their new designs are a gentle nod to world events over 2020 and as well as embracing their passion for sustainable, wooden toys.

A family run business, their products are 'inspired by nature and made by nature.' Celebrating it's 5th year since they started, Grapat has grown organically from strength to strength and is now sold in over 44 countries.

With an intense passion for the environment and leaving a small global footprint, since 2019 Grapat's packaging is now 100% plastic free.

Their products are all designed around the concept of play & creative imagination and the joy it brings for each child. 

'If our toys do make it possible to forget about time and all that counts is the moment, we did everything right.'

With 12 new designs across their four ranges of toys, these new toys acknowledge a childhood that is slower and relishes the innocence of that first smell of flower, or jumping in a muddy puddle or climbing a tree to the top for the first time.The new collection is about remembering that time as a child when we looked at the world with rainbow glasses with a hope and joy for the future.

We wanted to share a little sneak peek of some their beautiful new toys that will be available in Australia in 2021. 


Grapat 2021 new design together peg dolls

Together is about celebrating the beauty of human diversity in all its colours, shapes and sizes. This stunning new set of 12 Nins has 3 skin tones, a set of 3 Nins that are narrow, a set of 3 that are wide, 3 nins that are striped and 3 baby nins, all packaged in a eco-friendly fabric bag. This new set will be available in Australia in the next few months.

As Grapat themselves have said, 'Together is better. There is nothing more to add.'

Mandala - Rainbow Eggs

Grapat Simple Little Things new mandala set Rainbow eggs for 2021

Arriving next month, their Rainbow Eggs is a set of 36 little eggs in 12 different rainbow colours (3 of each colour) and makes a wonderful addition to their Mandala range. Adding them to your Grapat collection will ensure that Easter this year is full of colour and fun! 

Mandala - Flower Petals

Flower petal mandalas from Grapat's new 2021 collection
Another new set of Mandalas for 2021 are these fabulous Flower Petals, 36 pieces of different colours of pink petals inspired by their walks in the forest. '

Mandala - Pineapples 

Grapat new mandalas for 2021 pineapples
We all need more pineapples in our life and this third set of new Mandalas are the first fruit Mandala to be released by Grapat. They look gorgeous with the Mandala Trees! 

Mandala - Snowflakes

New Grapat Wooden Mandala snowflakes released in 2021
Lastly, their fourth mandala release for 2021 the Snowflake honours Winter and all it's natural beauty.

Baby Sticks

Grapat Simple Little Things 2021 collection Baby Sticks

Another new Grapat set that launches in 2021 are these sweet Baby Sticks. Arriving in cute cardboard tubes with 6 baby sticks that are 48mm high, they make a fantastic companion to the Adult Sticks which are 70mm in height.

Now there is finally a family of sticks. 😉

Little Things 

Grapat Simple Little Things new release for 2021 Wish Box for kids

I personally think the sweetest new release this year by Grapat, are these earthy wish jars aka 'Little Things'.

For the tiniest treasures that kids might pick up along their travels through nature like a shell, rock or feather, these little wish jars will keep their treasure safe. And their little friend inside the jar will hold on to their wish until it comes true. Available in purple, orange, yellow, green, blue and red. 

Grapat Simple Little Things new release for 2021 Wish Box for kids


Grapat Simple Little Things new release for 2021 Wish Box for kids

I adore this new collection inspired by the innocence of childhood and all the little things in life that count like stopping to pick up a shiny pebble shimmering in the ocean, or smelling the first honeysuckle of the Spring.

It is about taking life and all its beauty slowly and consciously relishing each and every moment. If 2020 has taught us anything, it has shown us the fragility of humanity and nature. It has helped us to all reflect on the simple little things... 

What are your thoughts on this gorgeous new Grapat collection? Leave your comments below. 

Dong-Maria xox  

Grapat Simple Little Things 2021 campaign BabyDonkie

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Sally Westra
Sally Westra

March 07, 2021

Oh those little things are so sweeet !

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