February 27, 2020 2 min read

I have been featured on the Mums with Hustle Podcast this week, which I am so thrilled about as it was on my biz goals list for this year!

Mums with Hustle

I talk about my business journey for BabyDonkie which started as an eBay store back in 2012. Back then I was struggling to find organic clothes for my son that wasn't boring!  I started looking at sourcing clothes for him and then selling them on eBay. The shop items started to sell and I knew that I wanted to take that next step and grow the store into an online business. I launched it in October 2012 and I returned to work a week after I launched the website!

From those early stages in 2012, I have grown my business whilst working full time and raising 4 kids. What was a side hustle has now become a fully-fledged business. 

Did you know BabyDonkie, Donkie is a play on my husband's and my first name?

In this podcast, I talk about those early business ideas, how I have grown my business through social media, using the Social Method Society, outsourcing and good processes. I also discuss how I made 6 figures in 5 months for BabyDonkie last year. 

Some of my top business tips that I discuss on the podcast are: 

1. Give it a go, don't procrastinate! 

2. Nailing your niche and make sure you know your target market 

3. Best processes and systems you can afford and improve when you can upgrade

4. Support yourself - tap into business resources and courses like the Social Method Society as they provide the knowledge to grow your business and importantly, provide a support network for you as running a business can be lonely. 

If you want to know more about my business journey, you can listen to the podcast or read the show notes here

Mums with Hustle

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