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I love an incredible room reveal here on the BabyDonkie blog and I wanted to share a stunning girls room transformation by Amy aka Harry and the Hound

Amy owns an online children’s boutique ‘Harry and the Hound’ as well as running the Instagram account of the same moniker.

She started out in early 2015 in the UK following the birth of her second and third children (twins) Harry and Sienna, now age 4.  She also has a 7-year-old daughter, Sophia.

She began making wall hangings as a way of relieving the pressures of life with three very young children and found weaving incredibly healing. She spent so much time weaving and began making them for friends, which eventually led to selling them via Etsy globally.


Three years ago Amy, who is Australian born, decided to move the family to Australia so they could be closer to family. Giving her kids the chance to grow up knowing their Australian cousins, aunties and uncles.

She continued her online store after the move back and 4 years on it is an incredible success. 

A year ago she made the decision to expand her range to include kids decor from other Australian makers, as well as some beautiful Montessori inspired furniture and Children’s personalised wall plaques. 

She shares with us on the blog some of the tips around changing up a kids room and how important it can be to start with a mood board.

Mood boards help to give you a feel for the colour palette of an interior and allow you to add/remove products to the board to see if they will suit the bedroom. You can do all of this without buying or changing anything. It allows you to get things right from the beginning, saving you time and money!  You can create a mood board via Pinterest, Powerpoint and Canva.

I wanted to know more about Sienna's stunning girl's room and what made Amy decide on the colour palette and the decor, that now sits perfectly in her room.  


 What is your background? Are you an interior designer or stylist?

I've always been interested in interiors from a young age. When I was a teenager I spent all of my money on new quilt covers, rugs and pretty much anything interiors, it’s always interested me.

When I began making and selling wall hangings four years ago via Etsy and Instagram I learnt pretty fast that great photos sell products! So here it all began, I followed a whole heap of stylists and took on board their tips and tricks for styling a space. I still have a lot to learn but I’m really enjoying my styling journey and I loved having the opportunity to style some amazing pieces from Australian designers.



Your inspiration, perhaps you started with one or 2 products or themes or colour and based Sienna’s room around that?

My inspiration for Sienna’s room came from Sienna herself. She loves pink and blue and fairies and butterflies, so we worked with those. She was transitioning from her cot so we wanted a bed close to the floor. The Mocka House Bedwas a perfect choice.



How long did it take you to make over the room? 

A few weeks to gather all of the items and then a good few hours to set it up, hang the art and place the decals.

The most time-consuming part of the process was gathering all of the items and planning the space using a mood board. Once I had everything I slowly placed it all together as per my mood board plan. I had it pretty well thought out so it was really just a matter of hanging artwork, placing decals and plumping cushions.

What did you feel was important to add to the update of the room?

Before the update, the room just had a small toddler bed, a wardrobe and lots of toys and clutter! I gave it a fresh coat of white paint and got to work planning her new room.

Sienna needed a bigger bed and she wanted a pretty mirror and some fairy touches. We love the beautiful work from Shannon Berg from Isla Dream Prints, so her art had to be there too! 


You may be after some inspiration to create a new big girl room for your daughter now that she is out of a cot or perhaps your daughter is transitioning to her own room from a shared room or your bedroom?

Amy has kindly shared with us the list of amazing makers and creators Instagram accounts who helped her create Sienna's new room. Check them out and let us know what you love about Sienna's room.

What is your favourite decor item or toy that has been used to personalise and make the room Sienna's very own?

I personally love the little 3D butterflies on the wall, the crochet rug and the apple mirror! 

~Bed and mattress @mockaaustralia 
~Apple Mirror @thefamilylovetree 
~Art and decals @isla_dream_prints
~Large floor Rug @theruglady_au 
~Crochet rug @mgpcreations 
~Luggy @babydonkie 
~Ruffle pillowcase @ivyandaida 
~cushions @pepperminttreecreations
~Pettiskirt/top @gigglemepinkaus 
~Doll furniture @wattletreetoys 
~Miniland Dolls @axis_toys 
~pompom throw @miss_angel_ilaria 
~3D butterflies @littlecustomcreations
~Gum leaf lights @mynightlight 
~Unicorn toy @sewlovedcollections 
~Blue suitcases @faith_laine 
~Fairy wings @billylovesaudrey_au 
~Wonky rainbow @pretty.in.pine 
~Canopy @spinkiebaby 
~Floral garland@realmdecor 
~Wooden trolley @bunnytickles 
~blue doll dress @love_by_abirose 
~pink doll dress@tailoringformisspolly 
~fabric teaset @chooksheddesigns 
~ play makeup @littlemakeuplovers 
~ Book @_little.jane_ 
~ bookend/plaque @harryandthehound
Thanks again Amy for sharing your daughter's gorgeous new room on the blog. If you want to see more of Sienna's room and Amy's other fabulous kids styling tips or purchase one of her weaves, wall prints, decals or incredible Montessori inspired furniture, please check out her socials below:
Instagram - @harryandthehound
Facebook - @harryandthehound


The exquisite images of Sienna's room are by Tegan Martin Photography


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