July 31, 2020 2 min read

Rattan is certainly having a moment especially if you search any Insta squares, although it is certainly not a new trend as rattan has been around for many years. But I am loving the vintage rattan interior styling at the moment and this has luckily morphed across to the toy world!

Rattan toys are stunning as their simple yet classic designs and sustainable nature mean they can be passed down to the next generation and leave a gentle footprint on our earth.

When it comes to interior trends, they can be transient, do you remember when monochrome was all in vogue 5 years ago across all Insta kids rooms accounts?  Then it was colour, then pastel, then boho and well you get the point... 

Trends come and go and it's important not to get all consumed by them but rather pick pieces that complement your house, your child's personality and also think about longevity.  You don't want to have to re-style your kid's rooms every year unless you have the time and money. 

When I choose new brands to stock for BabyDonkie, I carefully decided on brands that are eco-conscious, sell high-quality pieces and timeless designs. Brands that will go beyond any current interior or toy trend which is why I have chosen to stock some gorgeous rattan pieces from Tiny Harlow, Olli Ella and Juni Moon as I know these brands produce luxe quality, timeless pieces that will transcend trends. I also think they are pieces that will suit any room or styling.

Tiny Harlow

Based in Melbourne, mum of 3, Ebony has created a stunning range of handcrafted rattan toys especially for little people with doll's highchair, bassinets, toy wagons and her newest shopping trolley, they are perfect for play and look gorgeous in any kid's room. 

Miss Kyree Tiny Harlow Rattan toys

Tiny Harlow Rattan Shopping trolley

Olli Ella

Olli Ella was started by 2 Australian sisters, Chloe and Olivia who are based in Byron Bay. They have created a fair trade range of kids storage and decor pieces for little ones to enjoy. I love their new rattan shell bag range, as it looks gorgeous on an arm or on the wall! 


Olli Ella - Luggy-Sam-Walker

Juni Moon

Juni Moon is another amazing Australian brand started by two Mums, Amy and Maddison who have designed stunning, handcrafted pieces that are then made in Indonesia by a team of highly skilled artisans. 

With designs like their tea cart, vanity set and storage chests, they are timeless toys that will be played with for generations to come. Plus, they look beautiful in any playroom or kids room! We are so excited to have this new brand arriving in September and available for pre-order now.



I hope you love our Rattan Toy selection as much as I have enjoyed sourcing these incredible pieces for your little one. 

Dong-Maria xox

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